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About Us

Welcome to Baron & stagger

A firm which is imbibed with a deep comprehension of the law with our workers who are instilled with the passion to help our clients in every required field.

Founded in 2012, this partnership which runs both nationally and internationally has been able to provide competent and top value level of excellence and satisfaction to all our clients.

The importance of our firm arises from our devotion to our clients which seeks to provide and translate legal practise into the best possible solution in accordance with global standards.


Our clients include government agencies, financial institutions, and companies. Our experts have the capability to provide superior legal advice, strategies and solutions for the needs of all our clients.

Our passion

At B & S, our passion drives us to achieve our required goal not only for the purpose of our clients but also for our workers who strive to ensure they remain the best in their field.

Practice area

Our practice areas constitute a wide scope of areas which include but not limited corporate and commercial legal services which range from corporate services, regulatory compliance and legal advisory, real estate and Property Acquisition, Intellectual Property law, litigation and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, FINTECH, Entertainment and Technology

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are experts in their various fields with extensive background in providing satisfaction for our clients. Our various diverse backgrounds ensure that the necessary approach towards the satisfaction and devotion of our client is achieved.

OUR strategy

Maximizing the best legal approach to solve basic human and natures problem and challenges.

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