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Practice Areas

Baron & stagger
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Our practice areas constitute a wide scope of areas which include but not limited corporate and commercial legal services which range from corporate services, regulatory compliance and legal advisory, real estate and Property Acquisition, Intellectual Property law, litigation and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, FINTECH, Entertainment and Technology.


The firm serves as company secretary to a diverse range of companies.

Our experts in this field ensure strict and apt compliance with statutory and corporate laws to prevent any form of defect and ensure the growth of our client companies.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm provides a full range of litigation and dispute resolution mechanisms to all our clients across various sectors. This spans across representations before courts in various states and different levels to arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution techniques to ensure that our clients achieve their desired goal.

When matters can be resolved outside the eyes of litigation, our lawyers undertake arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution mechanisms on behalf of our clients.

Our efforts and successes drive us to ensure that results are produced by us in the best possible time for our clients.

Our representations span across various MDAs, companies and individuals with a goal to ensure efficiency and the best solution with

The experience of this team is vast and spreads across different aspects of the law with qualifications and experience to ensure effectiveness.


Our property and real estate practice covers an extensive overview of clients. At B & S, we strive to ensure that our clients achieve the best result when it comes to property acquisition.

We engage in all aspects of real estate and property acquisition to ensure that there is no defect in title for our clients. Our support system for property acquisition begins from the instruction to the investigation of title and finally the acquisition of property in the best possible time and the most efficient result.

We also institute actions in favour of our clients with respects to disputes including but not limited to ownership, possession, recovery of premises either through the procedure of litigation or arbitration.


At B & S, we consider the growing importance and evolution of technology around us.

We strive to ensure not only regulatory compliance for our companies but also give legal advice to our companies on various technological procedures while ensuring compliance with guidelines and laws regulating the ICT sector.


The firm has advised and continues to provide services in the oil and gas sector.

Our services in the oil and gas sector span across acquisition of assets, supply of energy resources and acquisition of construction resources for our clients.


At B & S, our consideration in intellectual property is at an important level.

We always seek to ensure the most valuable creations of our clients. Our collaboration with the government agencies and other internationally recognised intellectual property organisations worldwide has helped us provide legal solutions for our client in this field. Our services include the provision of advice on creations of the mind, ensuring that the rights of our client are not infringed upon, trademark registrations, patent registrations, compliance with Intellectual Property rights and representations in court on behalf of our clients.


Our firm provides first class service on mergers and acquisition of companies in various sectors.

Our services in this sector span across all processes that revolve around the procedure for mergers and acquisitions both local and international.

The experts in this field have been able to advise on successful mergers and ensuring legal compliance in this aspect.